Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2 Release Notes
Supported Devices Firebox T10, T30, T50, T70, M200, M300, M400,
M440, M500, M4600, M5600
XTM 3, 5, 8, 800, 1500, and 2500 Series
XTM 25, XTM 26, XTM 1050, XTM 2050
XTMv, WatchGuard AP
Release Date:
Fireware v11.11.4: 20 September 2016
Fireware v11.11.4 Update 1: 29 September 2016
Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2: 26 October 2016
Fireware OS Build Fireware v11.11.4: 511928
Fireware v11.11.4 Update 1: 513167
Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2: 514824
WatchGuard System Manager Build 511291
WatchGuard APī€ƒDevice Firmware For AP 100, 102, 200: Build
For AP 300: Build
Release Notes Revision Date 31 October 2016
On 26 October, we released Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2, which replaces v11.11.4 Update 1 for
all customers. This maintenance update fixes numerous bugs, as described in the Resolved
Issues in Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2 section of these release notes. This release includes the
updated AP300 software that was released with Update 1.
Since the original release of Fireware v11.11.4, we have also released Mobile VPN with IPSec
client software for Windows and Mac (powered by NCP). See Enhancements and Resolved
Issues for more information about this new client.
There is no update for WatchGuard System Manager, which remains at v11.11.4.
WatchGuard is pleased to announce the release of Fireware v11.11.4 and WatchGuard System Manager
v11.11.4. This release provides a localization update for the user interface, updating the localization of
WatchGuard System Manager and Fireware Web UI to match Fireware v11.11 functionality for our French,
Japanese, and Spanish (LA) users. The release also includes many bug fixes, updated AP firmware for AP
100/102/200/300 devices, and several small feature enhancements
Proxy Enhancements
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