Upgrade to Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2
Before you upgrade to Fireware v11.11.x, your Firebox must be running:
- Fireware XTM v11.7.5
- Fireware XTM v11.8.4
- Fireware XTM v11.9 or higher
If you try to upgrade from Policy Manager and your Firebox is running an unsupported version,
the upgrade is prevented.
If you try to schedule an OSupdate of managed devices through a Management Server, the
upgrade is also prevented.
If you use the Fireware Web UI to upgrade your device, you see a warning, but it is possible to
continue so you must make sure your Firebox is running v11.7.5, v11.8.4, or v11.9.x, or
v11.10.x before you upgrade to Fireware v11.11.x or your Firebox will be reset to a default
Before you upgrade from Fireware v11.x to Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2, download and save the Fireware OS
file that matches the Firebox you want to upgrade. You can use Policy Manager or the Web UI to complete the
upgrade procedure. We strongly recommend that you back up your Firebox configuration and your WatchGuard
Management Server configuration before you upgrade. It is not possible to downgrade without these backup
If you use WatchGuard System Manager (WSM), make sure your WSM version is equal to or higher than the
version of Fireware OS installed on your Firebox and the version of WSM installed on your Management Server.
Also, make sure to upgrade WSM before you upgrade the version of Fireware OS on your Firebox.
If you want to upgrade an XTM 2 Series, 3 Series, or 5 Series device, we recommend that you
reboot your Firebox before you upgrade. This clears your device memory and can prevent many
problems commonly associated with upgrades in those devices.
Upgrade to Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2
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