Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2
Release Notes 21
Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.11.4 Update 2
lThe Gateway Wireless Controller dashboards now correctly populate data in Firebox System Manager
and the Web UI for a large number of AP devices. [92129]
lThis release resolves an XSS vulnerability in the logon disclaimer configuration of the Web UI. [92288]
lThis release resolves a rare occurrence of the compact flash card on the Firebox M400, M500 and M440
becoming unreadable, resulting in the Firebox no longer passing traffic. [90957]
lYou can now use the Server Load Balancing feature on Firebox T30, T50 and T70 appliances. [92081
lFirebox feature keys can now be successfully updated from Dimension. [92046
lDomain names from HTTPand HTTPS proxy policies now display correctly in Fireware Web UI Front
Panel. [91851]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused the Firebox to send ARP packets with zeros as MAC
addresses within the Ethernet Frame. [92276]
lWhen your Firebox is configured with multiple external interfaces, a reboot no longer causes an interface
to be marked as failed. [91997]
lLog messages generated by spamBlocker Virus Outbreak Detection are now marked with a VODtag.
lThe FireCluster Backup Master no longer generates the log message: Couldn't resolve host
''. [91921]
lThe unnecessary log message fwsess_event: Unable to process notification event due to
missing IPaddress or inter is now suppressed and no longer appears in log files. [91785]
lEmail notifications for Blocked Port events now include the detected port instead of a system variable.
lThe syslog event length has been extended to 2048 bytes. [91878]
lThe FireCluster Backup Master no longer generates the log message: sessiond CLST: failed to
sync sess idle timeout msg to remote box.[85119]
lIf you log in to a Terminal Server with the Authentication applet using the TOAgent, you can now
successfully log out with the Authentication applet. [91879]
lYou can now see the Log Out option on the Authentication applet when you use the option to Send a
redirect to the browser after successful authentication.[91884]
lWhen you create a VPNbetween a Firebox and a Yamaha router, you no longer see an error when the
Yamaha router initiates a Phase 2 rekey. [77071]
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