lWatchGuard System Manager now displays all active SSL VPN Management Tunnels above the
section that shows inactive connections. [85587]
lPPPoE link stage changes no longer affect VIF VPN tunnels. [91272]
lWith the release of Fireware v11.11.4 Update 1, we also released an update to the WatchGuard Mobile
VPN with IPSec client software for Windows, powered by NCP. This v12.1 client resolves several
oThis release resolves a problem that caused client licenses to become inactive after the device
was restarted.
oAfter installing or updating the NCP client, the network connection is now available immediately,
with no restart required..
oA problem that caused a blue-screen error when leaving hibernation mode when the Wi-Fi Manager
was active has been resolved.
lThis release resolves a FireCluster process crash in the CCD daemon. [88594]
lThis release resolves an issue that resulted in high CPU usage by the FireCluster CAD daemon when
Firebox System Manager is open on a FireCluster. [91089]
lAproblem that caused a generic kernel crash on the backup master Firebox in a FireCluster has been
resolved in this release. [91791]
Centralized Management
lFirewall policy icons now show correctly in Dimension Command. [91968]
lThe WatchGuard Server Center Setup Wizard now correctly sets up the Log and Report Server
components when using a log encryption key that contains special characters. [71687]
WatchGuard AP Devices and Gateway Wireless Controller
lActions that you can perform on AP devices are now grouped in an Actions drop-down list. [91451]
lYou can now remove APfirmware from your Firebox with Gateway Wireless Controller. [91412]
lA new packet filter template is available for WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud AP management. The packet filter
template “WG-Cloud-Managed-WiFi" defines the required ports (TCP 443 and UDP 3851) and
destination domains to enable AP devices to communicate with cloud services. [91647]
lDomain names for WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud services are now included by default in the HTTP Proxy
Exceptions, and now configured to bypass HTTPS content inspection by default. [91481, 91482]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.11.4
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