Before You Begin
Release Notes 3
Before You Begin
Before you install this release, make sure that you have:
lA supported WatchGuard Firebox or XTM device. This device can be a WatchGuard Firebox T10, T15,
T30, T35, T50, T55, T70, XTM 2 Series (models 25 and 26 only), XTM 33 or 330, 5 Series
(515/525/535/545), 8 Series, 800 Series, XTM 1050, XTM 1500 Series, XTM 2050 device, XTM 2500
Series, or Firebox M Series. You can also use this version of Fireware on FireboxV or XTMv (any
edition), and Firebox Cloud for AWS and Azure. We do not support Fireware v12.x on XTM 505, 510,
520 or 530 devices.
lThe required hardware and software components as shown below. If you use WatchGuard System
Manager (WSM), make sure your WSM version is equal to or higher than the version of Fireware OS
installed on your Firebox or XTM device and the version of WSM installed on your Management Server.
lFeature key for your Firebox or XTM device — If you upgrade your device from an earlier version of
Fireware OS, you can use your existing feature key. If you do not have a feature key for your device, you
can log in to the WatchGuard website to download it.
lIf you are upgrading to Fireware v12.x from Fireware v11.10.x or earlier, we strongly recommend you
review the Fireware v11.12.4 release notes for important information about significant feature changes
that occurred in Fireware v11.12.x release cycle.
lSome Known Issues are especially important to be aware of before you upgrade, either to or from
specific versions of Fireware. To learn more, see Release-specific upgrade notes
Note that you can install and use WatchGuard System Manager v12.x and all WSM server components with
devices running earlier versions of Fireware. In this case, we recommend that you use the product
documentation that matches your Fireware OS version.
If you have a new Firebox or XTM physical device, make sure you use the instructions in the Quick Start Guide
that shipped with your device. If this is a new FireboxV installation, make sure you carefully review Fireware
help in the WatchGuard Help Center for important installation and setup instructions. We also recommend that
you review the Hardware Guide for your Firebox or XTM device model. The Hardware Guide contains useful
information about your device interfaces, as well as information on resetting your device to factory default
settings, if necessary.
Product documentation for all WatchGuard products is available on the WatchGuard web site at
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