Known Issues and Limitations
Known issues for Fireware v12.1.3 Update 1 and its management applications, including workarounds where
available, can be found on the Technical Search > Knowledge Base tab. To see known issues for a specific
release, from the Product & Version filters you can expand the Fireware version list and select the check box
for that version.
Some Known Issues are especially important to be aware of before you upgrade, either to or from specific
versions of Fireware. To learn more, see Release-specific upgrade notes.
This page does not include every issue resolved in a release.
Issues discovered in internal testing or beta testing are not usually included in this list.
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Mobile VPN with IPSec
from NCP v13.13
lThis release supports Windows 10 Version 1809.
lThe VPN client icon now only appears in the system tray when you minimize the client. [FBX-13747]
lThis release includes improvements to the silent installation option.
Enhancements and Resolved issues in Mobile VPN with IPSec
from NCP 13.10
lThis release features a 64-bit version of each component.
lThe Windows version now matches Windows 10 correctly.
lYou can now use the pre-connect login client to connect to a hotspot.
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware 12.1.3
Update 1
lThe Arm LED light no longer unexpectedly turns off when a Firebox M200/M300 completes the bootup
process. [FBX-11502, FBX121X-25]
lThis release resolves a memory leak in the SNMP process. [FBX-10994, FBX121X-22]
lThe Access Portal login page no longer enables autocorrect for the password field. [FBX-10204,
lThis release resolves an issue that caused an invalid FQDN for a domain with many IP addresses. [FBX-
11083, FBX121X-17]
lThis release resolves a memory leak in the dhcpdprocess. [FBX-11633, FBX121X-29]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused the OSS daemon to crash. [FBX-12228, FBX121X-27]
lTraffic Monitor now correctly displays data when an invalid UTF-8 character appears in a log message.
Known Issues and Limitations
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