Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware 12.1.3
Release Notes 5
lThis release resolves multiple issues that caused the iked process to crash. [FBX-12555, FBX-12524,
FBX-10289 FBX121X-24, FBX-12611]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused the Firebox to send decrypted BOVPN VIF tunnel traffic to
the wrong interface. [FBX-11987, FBX121X-7]
lIKE_Auth initiator request packets larger than 28674 are now supported to improve IKEv2
interoperability with Cisco devices. [FBX-11644, FBX121X-13]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused some UDP traffic to incorrectly route over a Branch Office
VPN Virtual Interface tunnel. [FBX-11488, FBX121X-26]
Proxies and Services
lProxy memory usage is improved. [FBX-9563, FBX121X-11]
lThis release resolves an issue in which files that exceed Gateway AV scan limits fail to pass through
the HTTP proxy. [FBX-12046, FBX121X-18]
lThe dnswatchd process no longer uses CPU when the DNSwatch feature is not enabled. [FBX-12198,
lSubscription service updates no longer fail when you use the Firebox Cloud pay as you go license.
[FBX-11762, FBX121X-12]
lThis release resolves an issue with multiple file submissions by APT Blocker when enabled in the IMAP
proxy. [FBX-12376, FBX121X-19]
lThis release resolves an issue that prevented some applications that use a “custom TLS record type”
from passing through the HTTPS proxy when matching a Domain Name configured to bypass content
inspection. [FBX-9478, FBX121X-30]
lWeb UI now allows you to disable Application Control when the license is expired. [FBX121X-16]
lThis release resolves a proxy crash that caused general web browsing failure for users. [FBX-12785]
lThis release resolves an attachment processing issue caused by the APT Blocker Message Hold
feature. [FBX-12213, FBX121X-20]
lAutotask or ConnectWise tickets for “botnet-detection threshold exceeded” are no longer created when
Botnet Detection is first enabled. [FBX-12237, FBX121X-23]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware 12.1.3
lThis release removes weak ciphers that do not support forward secrecy from the Firebox web server.
lWeb pages served by the Firebox now include security headers outlined in the OWASP Secure Headers
Project in HTTP responses. [FBX-9691]
lThis release resolves a vulnerability that made possible a SAML assertion replay attack against the
Access Portal. [FBX-9731]
lThis release corrects the Japanese localization of FireCluster upgrade error messages in Fireware Web
UI. [FBX-10941]
lFirebox System Manager no longer reports an error when you view the Front Panel of a Firebox Cloud
instance. [FBX-10910]
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