Upgrade to Fireware v12.2
Release Notes 19
Upgrade to Fireware v12.2 from WSM/Policy Manager
1. Before you begin, save a local copy of your configuration file.
2. Select File > Backup or use the USB Backup feature to back up your current device image.
3. On a management computer running a Windows 64-bit operating system, launch the OS executable file
you downloaded from the WatchGuard Portal. This installation extracts an upgrade file called [Firebox or
xtm series]_[product code].sysa-dl to the default location of C:\Program Files(x86)\Common
files\WatchGuard\resources\FirewareXTM\12.2\[model] or [model][product_code].
On a computer with a Windows 32-bit operating system, the path is: C:\Program Files\Common
4. Install and open WatchGuard System Manager v12.2. Connect to your Firebox and launch Policy
5. From Policy Manager, select File > Upgrade. When prompted, browse to and select the [product
series]_[product code].sysa-dl file from Step 2.
If you have installed a beta release of Fireware v12.2 on your computer, you must run the Fireware v12.2
installer twice (once to remove v12.2 software and again to install v12.2).
If you like to make updates to your Firebox configuration from a saved configuration file, make
sure you open the configuration from the Firebox and save it to a new file after you upgrade.
This is to make sure that you do not overwrite any configuration changes that were made as
part of the upgrade.
There is an upgrade issue that affects some Firebox M400/M500 and M440 devices. Please
review this knowledge base article carefully before you upgrade.
WatchGuard updated the certificate used to sign the .ova files with the release of Fireware
v11.11. When you deploy the OVF template, a certificate error may appear in the OVF template
details. This error occurs when the host machine is missing an intermediate certificate from
Symantic (Symantec Class 3 SHA256 Code Signing CA), and the Windows CryptoAPI was
unable to download it. To resolve this error, you can download and install the certificate from
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