On 28 August, we released WebBlocker Server v1.0. See Fireware Help or What's New in
Fireware v12.2 for more information.
On 3 August, we released the Fireware M400/M500 Fireware v12.2 .exe file to fix a packaging
issue. The build number remains the same, but package update generated a new SHA-1
checksum for the file. The Software Download Center has been updated with the new
Fireware v12.2 is a significant feature release for Firebox T Series, Firebox M Series, FireboxV, and Firebox
Cloudappliances. This release introduces the new IntelligentAV service, as well as many new features and
enhancements that make iteasier than ever to set up firewall policies, authenticate users, and control network
traffic for your organization.
This release does not support XTMappliances, and has changes to WebBlocker functionality
for some users. Be sure to review the Upgrade Notes for more information.
This exciting new service providesan additional, advanced layer of antivirus security for our Total Security
subscribers who use signature-based Gateway AV. IntelligentAV addsinnovative malware detectionwith a
new artificial intelligence solution for our rackmount Fireboxes. IntelligentAV is available on Firebox M Series
models (except M200 and M300), and FireboxV and Firebox Cloud instances with at least 4GBof RAM only. It
is not available on Firebox T appliances. Make sure to update your feature key so you can get started with this
new service.
Other new features and enhancements include:
New Controls in Policies, Proxies, and Services
lGeolocation by Policy
lTLS profiles for SMTPand POP3 proxies
lWebBlocker usability enhancements
lFQDN enhancements
lAbility to control Firebox-generated traffic
VPN Enhancements
lSecondary IP address support for BOVPN gateways
lAES-GCM support
lUpdates to Mobile VPN with SSL and Access Portal settings
Certificate Management Enhancements
lImproved certificate management
lImprovements to the certificate import process
lAbility to select and use separate certificates for content inspection for an inbound HTTPS proxy
Firebox Cloud Enhancements
2 WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
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