Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware 12.2
Release Notes 25
lMore contextual information has been added to the ticket and note titles in ConnectWise and AutoTask
tickets. [FBX-6338]
lThe Firebox now correctly routes traffic through a PPPoE connection after it is lost and then re-
established. [FBX-11668]
lMulti-WAN no longer incorrectly exposes Policy-Based Routing and Sticky Connection options on
BOVPN policies. [FBX-6634]
lYou can now add FQDNs to Static NAT rules with Policy Manager. [FBX-10964, FBX-1304]
lThis release resolves an issue in which the Firebox would use the incorrect policy for traffic when two
FQDNs resolve to the same IP address. [FBX-6914]
lThis release improves policy handling of FQDNs when a single hostname resolves to a large number of
IPaddresses. [FBX-11083]
lFQDN now supports wildcard subdomains. [FBX-4434]
lDHCP relay for VLAN interfaces no longer fails after you reboot a Firebox. [FBX-11464]
lThis release adds support for FujiSoft FS040U, UX302NC LTE and UX302NC-R LTE USB modems.
[FBX-10419, FBX-10421, FBX-10192]
lThis release adds support for Netgear 341U modems. [FBX-7926]
lYou can now modify modem Link Monitor settings for Firebox T10 and T15 devices. [FBX-11040]
lThe Firebox now correctly sends log messages through the correct interface after a Multi-WAN failback
event. [FBX-2380]
lPolicy Manager no longer allows you to configure Multi-WANLink Monitoring in a configuration with only
a single external interface. [FBX-11840]
lThis release allows you to configure loopback interface addresses for global dynamic NAT and per
policy dynamic NAT. [FBX-11225, FBX-10760]
lYou can now use the CLIto globally enable or disable the anti-replay window size. [FBX-9887]
lThis release adds CLI support for BOVPN/VIF secondary IP addresses. [FBX-11405]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused packet loss through BOVPN tunnels on Firebox M4600 and
M5600 devices that handle large amounts of traffic. [FBX-11584]
lThis release resolves an issue in which the Firebox sends decrypted BOVPN VIF tunnel traffic to the
wrong interface. [FBX-11987]
lConnections from the Firebox to a Log Server on local network will no longer route through tunnel when
the VPN remote network overlaps with local Subnet. [FBX-2416]
lThis release resolves multiple iked process crash issues. [FBX-10289, FBX-12555]
lThe Firebox no longer routes the SSLVPN-Management tunnel through the Zero-Route IPsec Tunnel.
[FBX-4905, FBX-8273]
lMobile VPN with SSL configured to use UDP data channel and TCP configuration port will now trigger
an overlap warning if policies for the same ports exist. [FBX-7873]
lThis release introduces AES-GCM ciphers for IKEv2 and TLS-based VPNs. [FBX-6340]
lYou can now configure Branch Office VPN gateways with secondary IP addresses. [FBX-10580]
lThis release removes the VPN portal. Features of the VPN portal now reside in the Access Portal or
Mobile VPN with SSL configuration. [FBX-10703]
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