Proxies and Services
lThis release introduces IntelligentAV, a supplemental AntiVirus service powered by Cylance. [FBX-
lYou can now configure Geolocation on a per-policy basis. [FBX-8610]
lYou can now specify the minimum TLS or SSL version in the TLS profile. [FBX-3698]
lThis release adds new HTTPS Content Exception entries for GoToMeeting, WatchGuard Cloud IoT
endpoints, and Lastline. [FBX-11677, FBX-12067, FBX-11039]
lA FireCluster member without a DNSWatch license now correctly registers to the DNSWatch service
when it becomes Master. [FBX-10180]
lYou can now use the File Exceptions list to bypass some subscription services for specific files. [FBX-
lThe SMTP proxy no longer includes TCP port 465 when TLS support is not enabled. [FBX-12526]
lYou can now use Fireware Web UI to disable Application Control when the license has expired. [FBX-
lThis release resolves file download issues for Firebox T10s with large files through the HTTP proxy.
lThe POP3 proxy now correctly handles the x-microsoft-exchange-diagnostics header and does not
inject additional text. [FBX-10083]
lAPT scanning and caching for IMAP Proxy now works correctly. [FBX-12376]
lThis release resolves a display issue in the TCP-UDP proxy configuration when a proxy action has a
name longer than 34 characters. [FBX-9897]
lThe POP3 and SMTP proxies now support TLS profiles. [FBX-4667, FBX-9919]
lFirebox Cloud now supports spamBlocker and Quarantine Server. [FBX-10745, FBX-11126]
lThis release features enhancements to WebBlocker usability. [FBX-1258]
lYou can now use inbound HTTPS content inspection with multiple servers with different certificates.
lFireware Web UI and FSM Front Panel now display DNSWatch status. [FBX-10956, FBX-10435]
lGateway AV scan errors for encrypted files now display the specific path and file name. [FBX-4025]
lThis release resolves an issue in which files over the scan limit size would fail to pass with action set to
Allow. [FBX-12046]
lThe APT hold option no longer causes email delivery to fail. [FBX-12213]
lThis release resolves an issue Firebox Cloud instances with Pay-As-You-Go signature updates. [FBX-
lThis release adds the ability to configure the Band Steering RSSI in the Gateway Wireless Controller.
lThis release enables SSH command line access to AP100, AP102, AP200, and AP300 devices. [FBX-
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware 12.2
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