1The Server Core installation option is supported for Windows Server 2016.
2Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 are supported. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is supported if you
install Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 and .NETFramework 3.5
3Terminal Services support with manual or Single Sign-On authentication operates in a Microsoft Terminal
Services or Citrix XenApp 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6.5, 7.6, or 7.12 environment.
4Native (Cisco) IPSec client and OpenVPN are supported for all recent versions of Mac OS and iOS. To use
The WatchGuard Mobile VPNwith IPSec client with OS 10.13, you must upgrade to the v3.00 client release.
Authentication Support
This table gives you a quick view of the types of authentication servers supported by key features of Fireware.
Using an authentication server gives you the ability to configure user and group-based firewall and VPN policies
in your Firebox or XTMdevice configuration. With each type of third-party authentication server supported, you
can specify a backup server IP address for failover.
Fully supported by WatchGuard Not yet supported, but tested with success by WatchGuard
Fireware and WSM v12.2 Operating System Compatibility
8 WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
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