lYou can now configure your XTM device default gateway on a different subnet than your XTM device
external interface. [79589]
lThis release updates the ECMP algorithm used for Multi-WAN Routing Table mode to improve WAN
load balancing performance. [77944, 77935]
lA device configured in drop-in mode now correctly responds to an ARP request sent to unicast address.
lMobile VPN with SSL connections using WatchGuard’s SSLVPN client or OpenVPN client are no
longer blocked by the HTTPS proxy. [77969]
Known Issues and Limitations
You can find information about known issues for Fireware XTM v11.8.4 and its management applications,
including workarounds where available, in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. You must log in to the
WatchGuard Portal to search for Known Issues. Known Issues are not available in the public version of the
Knowledge Base. After you log in, you can use the filters available in the WatchGuard Portal > Knowledge
Base tab to find articles about known issues for this release.
Using the CLI
The Fireware XTM CLI (Command Line Interface) is fully supported for v11.x releases. For information on how
to start and use the CLI, see the CLI Command Reference Guide. You can download the latest CLI guide from
the documentation web site at
Known Issues and Limitations
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