Note that you can install and use WatchGuard System Manager v11.8.x and all WSM server components with
devices running earlier versions of Fireware XTM v11. In this case, we recommend that you use the product
documentation that matches your Fireware XTM OS version.
If you have a new physical device, make sure you use the instructions in the Quick Start Guide that shipped
with your device. If this is a new XTMv installation, make sure you carefully review the XTMv Setup Guide for
important installation and setup instructions.
Product documentation for all WatchGuard products is available on the WatchGuard web site at
This release includes a localization update to the Fireware XTM Web UI. The Web UI has been localized
current to Fireware XTM v11.8.4. There is no localization available for WatchGuard System Manager, or the
product documentation, with this release. Localization for WatchGuard System Manager is available with
v11.9.1, currently available.
The Web UIis available in:
lChinese (Simplified, PRC)
lChinese (Traditional)
lFrench (France)
lSpanish (Latin American)
Note that most data input must still be made using standard ASCII characters. You can use non-ASCII
characters in some areas of the UI, including:
lProxy deny message
lWireless hotspot title, terms and conditions, and message
lWatchGuard Server Center users, groups, and role names
Any data returned from the device operating system (e.g. log data) is displayed in English only. Any software
components provided by third-party companies remain in English.
2 WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
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