Installation Instructions for Hyper-V
WatchGuard Dimension is distributed as a VHD file for installation on Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008 R2,
2012, or 2012 R2 (64-bit required). WatchGuard recommends you use the Microsoft Server Hyper-V Manager to
install your Dimension VM, but you can choose to use another Hyper-V environment.
To install Dimension on Hyper-V, you must complete these steps:
1. Deploy and start the Dimension virtual machine.
2. Add a data disk (IDE or SCSI) to use as the Dimension data disk.
3. Start the Dimension VM.
4. Run the web-based WatchGuard Dimension Setup Wizard to configure the basic settings for your new
instance of Dimension.
Before You Begin
Before you can deploy the Dimension VHD file and set up your Dimension VM, you must:
nDownload the WatchGuard Dimension VHD file.
Download the file and extract the watchguard-
dimension_2_1_1_U2.vhd file to install WatchGuard Dimension on your Hyper-V server.
nHave a DHCP server configured in the network you choose for the Dimension virtual machine, if you
want to use a DHCP server to get the initial IPaddress for Dimension. You can also manually set a
static IPaddress for Dimension. You then use this initial IPaddress to connect to Dimension to run the
Dimension Setup Wizard and complete your Dimension configuration.
nHave Hyper-V installed on a server where you can deploy your Dimension VM.
Install the Dimension Virtual Machine
When you install the Dimension VM, you must allocate the minimum amount of startup memory for Dimension.
Dynamic memory allocation is not supported.
To deploy the WatchGuard Dimension VM:
1. On your Windows server, launch Hyper-V Manager.
2. In the Hyper-V Manager tree, right-click your Hyper-V server and select New > Virtual Machine.
The New Virtual Machine wizard appears, with the Before You Begin page selected.
3. Read the instructions for the wizard and click Next.
The Specify Name and location page appears.
4. In the Name text box, type a descriptive name for this instance of Dimension.
5. To store the virtual machine in a folder other than the default folder, select the Store the virtual
machine in a different location check box. Click Browse and select the location to store the virtual
6. Click Next.
For Server 2012 R2 , the Specify Generation page appears.
7. (2012 R2) On the Specify Generation page, select Generation 1. Click Next.
The Assign Memory page appears.
8. In the Startup memory text box, type the amount of memory to allocate to your Dimension VM. You
must allocate a minimum of 2048 MB. Click Next.
The Configure Networking page appears.
Installation Instructions for Hyper-V
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