Installation Instructions for Hyper-V
Release Notes 11
9. From the Connection drop-down list, select the virtual network adapter to use for the external interface,
Eth0. Click Next.
The Connect Virtual Hard Disk page appears.
10. Select Use an existing virtual hard disk.
11. Click Browse and select the location where you saved the Dimension VHD file.
12. Click Next.
The Summary page appears.
13. Review the settings you specified for this instance of Dimension. Click Finish.
The Dimension VM appears in the Virtual Machines list.
Add a Hard Disk to the Dimension VM
After you have deployed your Dimension VM, you must add a new virtual hard disk to the Dimension VM for the
Dimension Log Server log database. You can add either a SCSI or an IDE virtual hard drive, but we recommend
Option 1 — Add a SCSI Virtual Hard Disk
If you choose to add a SCSI virtual hard drive, for the most flexibility, make sure to add a dynamically
expanding hard disk.
From the Virtual Machines list:
1. Right-click your Dimension VM and select Settings.
The Settings page for your Dimension VM appears.
2. Select Add Hardware > SCSIController and click Add.
The SCSI Controller page appears.
3. Select Hard Drive and click Add.
The Hard Drive page appears.
4. In the Media section, select Virtual hard disk and click New.
The New Virtual Hard Disk Wizard appears, with the Before You Begin page selected.
5. Read the instructions for the wizard and click Next.
The Choose Disk Format page appears.
6. Select VHD or VHDX. Click Next.
The Choose Disk Type page appears.
7. Select Dynamically expanding. Click Next.
The Specify Name and Location page appears.
8. In the Name text box, type a descriptive name for this virtual hard disk.
9. To specify a location for the hard disk other than the default location, click Browse and select a location.
10. Click Next.
The Configure Disk Size page appears.
11. Select Create a new blank virtual hard disk.
12. In the text box, type the size for the virtual hard disk in GB.
Select a minimum of 40 GB.
13. Click Next.
The Summary page appears.
14. Review the settings you specified for the hard disk. Click Finish.
The wizard completes and the Hard Drive page in the Dimension VMSettings appears.
15. Click OK.
The Settings dialog box closes.
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