Installation Instructions for Hyper-V
Release Notes 13
Find the External IP Address
If the external network has a DHCP server, the Dimension external interface is automatically assigned an IP
address. If you want to assign a static IPaddress for Dimension, you can find the instructions in the Dimension
Help. To find the DHCP-assigned IP address to use to connect to the Dimension, you can use the command
To use the command line to find the IP address for Dimension:
1. In the Virtual Machines list , select the Dimension VM.
2. Right-click the VM and select Connect.
3. At the login prompt, type wgsupport. Press Enter on your keyboard.
4. At the passprhase prompt, type readwrite. Press Enter on your keyboard.
This is the default admin account passphrase. A prompt to change the passphrase appears.
5. Type the new passphrase to use for the wgsupport account. Press Enter on your keyboard.
The passphrase is changed.
6. To show the IPaddress for the external interface again, type ifconfig or ip addr. Press Enter on your
The IP address for the external interface appears.
7. To log out, type exit. Press Enter on your keyboard.
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