Run the WatchGuard Dimension Setup Wizard
After your Dimension VM is set up and powered on, you can connect to Dimension to run the Dimension Setup
Wizard and complete the configuration for your Dimension system.
Before you start the Setup Wizard, make sure you have this information to add in the wizard:
nHost name for Dimension
nIPv4 address and settings for the Eth0 interface
nAdministrator passphrase
nLog Server encryption key
n(Optional)External Log Server database location
n(Optional) Public FQDNs or IP addresses
To run the Dimension Setup Wizard:
1. Open a web browser and connect to Dimension at https://<Dimension IPaddress>.
For example, if the IPaddress assigned to the external interface of your instance of Dimension is, you connect to Dimension at
The login page appears.
2. Type the default user credentials:
nUser Name — admin
nPassphrase— readwrite
You will change the administrator passphrase when you run the Setup Wizard.
3. Complete the wizard to configure Dimension.
If you specify a static IP address for Dimension, when you click Next, you will be notified that you must
log in to Dimension at the new IPaddress to complete the Wizard. Click the link to the new, static IP
address to log in to Dimension again. It might take a few moments for Dimension to load at the new IP
After you finish the wizard, the Dimension login page appears.
4. Use the new administrator passphrase that you specified in the wizard to log in to Dimension.
After you have completed the wizard and logged in to Dimension, you can complete the configuration settings
for your Dimension system and Log Server, create report schedules, and manage users, as described in the
Dimension section of the Fireware Help.
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