Resolved Issues in Dimension v2.1.1 Update 2
Release Notes 15
Resolved Issues in Dimension v2.1.1 Update 2
lAPT Activity Summary report no longer prevents Tools and Reports menus from loading for cluster
members. [FBX-4920]
lLog Server now correctly initializes if remote backup user does not have write permissions to create
backup folders. [FBX-4961]
lA Log Collector issue has been fixed that caused incorrect logging status to be displayed for devices.
lBackup locations are now clearly indicated using sftp:// URLs instead of local mount points. [FBX-8584]
lThis release resolves an issue in which the log collector process unexpectedly restarts due to large
number of simultaneously connections. [FBX-2591, FBX-3555]
lThe default setting for email encryption is now Allow instead of None.[FBX-4614]
lYou can now correctly add devices to Dimension with the Add online device method. [FBX-5513]
lThis release updates the name of the Encryption Key to the Authentication Key, in parity with Firebox
interface updates. [FBX-6512]
lDimension no longer shows Not Licensed status for Fireboxes with renewed feature keys. [FBX-6518]
lTop Blocked Advanced Malware (APT) now consistently displays in Security Dashboard. [FBX-7422]
lThis release adds support for external postgreSQL servers hosted on Azure. [FBX-7725]
lThis release creates additional indexes for data to improve performance with large numbers of logging
devices. [FBX-2584]
lThe Dimension system now more accurately reports the number of connected users. [FBX-8466]
lSubscription Services reports now export correctly to PDF on web browsers configured for French.
lThe Executive Summary report can now be successfully exported to PDF in the Japanese locale. [FBX-
8117, FBX-2574]
lLog data summarization no longer causes some report generation to fail. [FBX-8119]
lThe Scheduled Executive Summary no longer fails when APT results have extremely long names. [FBX-
lThis release resolves an issue in which APT content names with reserved characters would cause PDF
reports to fail. [FBX-6740]
lDouble-quotes (") and other reserved characters no longer cause email notifications to be truncated.
lThe Subscription Service Summary report descriptions for REDGood and Bad scores are no longer
reversed. [FBX-5747]
lAll reports now correctly display the End Time value. [FBX-8234]
lYou no longer see XSS error messages on some report pages. [FBX-9439]
lDimension SSH service now correctly rejects weak ciphers. [FBX-7894]
lThis release updates the Apache server to v2.4.28 and Postgres client to v9.6.5 to avoid vulnerability to
CVE-2016-8743. [FBX-5206]
lThe Web UI is now protected against the CSRF vulnerability. [FBX-8224]
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