Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Dimension v2.1.1
Release Notes 17
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Dimension v2.1.1
Dimension Administration
lThis release provides updates to the French (FR), Japanese, and Spanish (LA) localization.
lThis release introduces a new Dimension Administrator role, which restricts user privileges to
monitoring and management of the Dimension system. [91842]
lYou can now connect directly to your instance of WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud from Dimension. [91843]
lThis release adds support for the new Firebox T70 appliance, being released by WatchGuard in October.
lYou can no longer input invalid characters when generating a Web Server CSR. [91349]
lThe time stamp of APT Blocker-detected events no longer shows in UTC in Log Manager. [90947]
lA problem that caused the Dimension database to fail to upgrade when upgrading Dimension from v1.3
to v2.1 has been resolved in this release. [91289]
lReports now show the IP addresses of clients behind the Explicit Proxy. [91937]
lScheduled reports delivered through email now open correctly when the email client has the "display
attachments inline" option enabled. [87587]
lWhen traffic is sent to a Botnet site, it is no longer included in the Top Blocked Destinations list when
using the filtered view on the Security Dashboard. Similarly, if traffic originates from a Botnet Site, that
site is no longer included in the Top Blocked Clients list. [91098]
Dimension Command
lThe License tab no longer shows incorrect expiration information for a managed FireCluster. [91870]
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