Important Notes
Release Notes 3
Collect report data
To see reporting data related to Fireware policies you must enable logging in your policies. To see
reporting data for your subscriptions services (WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Gateway AV, IPS, RED,
Application Control, DLP, or APTBlocker), you must:
- Enable the subscription service in your Firebox configuration.
- Enable logging in the policies that use the subscription service and make sure the Enable logging
for reports check box is selected.
- Enable the Send Security Services Statistics check box in your Logging settings.
- Make sure that there has been traffic to which these services apply
To collect data for reports for your AP devices, you must:
- Make sure the Gateway Wireless Controller logging setting Enable logging for reports is
- Make sure the Gateway Wireless Controller Firebox or XTM device is running Fireware v11.10.1 or
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