Installation Instructions for VMware
WatchGuard Dimension is distributed as an OVA file for installation on VMware ESXi 5.x or 6.x (64-bit
required). WatchGuard recommends you use the VMware vSphere Client to provision and install the OVA file.
After you install and start the virtual machine in vSphere, you run the web-based WatchGuard Dimension Setup
Wizard to configure the basic settings for your new instance of Dimension.
Before You Begin
Before you can deploy the Dimension OVA file and set up your Dimension VM, you must:
nDownload the WatchGuard Dimension OVA file.
Download the watchguard-dimension_2_1_1_U2.ova file to install WatchGuard Dimension on your
ESXi v5.x or v6.x host.
nHave a DHCP server configured in the network you choose for the Dimension virtual machine, if you
want to use a DHCP server to get the initial IPaddress for Dimension. You can also manually set a
static IPaddress for Dimension (instructions to set a static IPaddress are included in the Dimension
section of the Fireware Help. You then use this initial IPaddress to connect to Dimension to run the
Dimension Setup Wizard and complete your Dimension configuration.
nHave an ESXi host configured where you can deploy your Dimension VM.
Installation Instructions for VMware
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