Installation Instructions for VMware
Release Notes 7
Install the Dimension Virtual Machine
To deploy the WatchGuard Dimension VM:
1. Open VMware vSphere Client and connect to your ESXi host.
2. Select File > Deploy OVF template.
3. Browse to the location of the watchguard-dimension_2_1_1_U2.ova file you downloaded. Click Next.
4. On the OVF Template Details page, click Next.
5. Click Accept to accept the End User License Agreement. Click Next.
6. In the Name text box, type a descriptive name for your Dimension VM. Click Next.
7. Select an option for disk provisioning. Click Next.
You can select any of the options to provision your disk, but WatchGuard recommends that you select
Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed. This is the default option, provides more predictable performance, and
enables the VMto increase the disk size as necessary.
8. On the Network Mapping page, select the destination network for the virtual machine.
Make sure you select a network with a DHCP server.
Click Next.
9. Verify your settings and click Finish.
Your new Dimension VM appears in the vSphere Client.
When you deploy the OVF template to install the Dimension VM, the template automatically configures the
amount of system memory for the VM. If you manually change the system memory value in the VM settings,
make sure to specify a value of 2GB or higher.
If you use an older version of the vSphere client, the .ova file may show an indicator that it is not
correctly signed. This does not affect the installation of the client and this indicator does not
show if you use a newer vSphere client such as v6.0.0.0.
Review the Dimension VMSettings
After you have deployed your new Dimension VM, you can power on the VM, review the settings for the VM,
and find the IPaddress to use to connect to the WatchGuard Dimension web UI to run the Dimension Setup
In the vSphere Client:
1. In the ESXi host tree, select the Dimension VM.
2. Select the Summary tab.
3. In the General section, review the settings for the VM and make sure everything is correct.
4. In the Commands section, power on Dimension.
It can take a few moments for the Dimension VMto start up and get an IP address from the DHCP server.
5. In the General section, find the IPaddress for Dimension.
This is the IPaddress you use to connect to the WatchGuard Dimension web UIto launch the Dimension
Setup Wizard .
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