Installation Instructions for VMware
Release Notes 9
About the Dimension Database
The Dimension VM is deployed by default with a data disk size of 40GB. The data disk is fully reserved for the
log database and the related overhead space required by PostgreSQL. After the Dimension VM is deployed, the
data disk size cannot be reduced. If you want to limit the size to be less than 40GB, you must use this
procedure before you power on the VM for the first time to avoid data loss:
1. In the Dimension VM Summary tab in the vSphere Client, click Edit Settings.
2. Delete Hard Disk 2.
3. Add a new Hard Disk with the appropriate size. Make sure SCSI (0:1) is selected in the Virtual Device
Node section (this is the default selection).
The Dimension database maximum size is automatically set based on the size of the VM’s data disk. Currently
it is set to approximately 80% of the total file system size on the data disk, reserving some space for
PostgreSQL’s own disk space requirements to handle large queries and temporary tables. If you want to
increase the database size, you can resize the data disk using vSphere and reboot. The reboot is necessary
because the disk size increase is not made visible to the guest VM until the reboot occurs.
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