Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Diaphragm Valves Type 15 9
1) Loosen the three screws used to attach the limit switch cover with a
screwdriver (+) and remove the cover from the limit switch.
*These screws are captive.
2) Pull and remove the protective cap, made of resin, from the cover.
3) Draw the cable through the connector.
4) Strip the cable with a wire stripper.
5) Install a crimp-style terminal on the lead wire with a terminal
crimping tool.
6) Connect the terminal screw with a screwdriver (+) according to the internal circuit diagram show in page 7.
* Tighten the screws.
(If not, electric leaks or shocks may occur.)
7) Tighten the above three screws with a screw driver (+) to install the cover on the limit switch.
8) Tighten the cable by connector.
(9) Operating procedure
- Do not exert excessive force in closing the valve.
- Do not use the valve to fluid containing slurry. (The valve will not operate properly.)
- The installed valve must never be opened or closed when foreign matter such as sand is present in
the pipeline.
- When operating the handle, be sure to do so with your hand. (Using a tool may damage the handle.)
- If a stopper is loose, adjust it. (To learn how to adjust it, see the operation manual.)
Open and close the valve by rotating hand wheel.
The top of the travel stop will be flush with the top of the hand wheel when the valve is fully closed.
Full shut Half open Full open
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