Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Diaphragm Valves Type 15 10
(10) Adjustment procedure for stopper
If a stopper is loose, adjust it. (To learn how to adjust it, see the operation manual.)
- Tighten the stoppers securely. (Too weak a torque on a stopper may cause it to loosen.)
Spanner wrench Allen wrench
Driver(-) Protective Gloves Goggles
Travel stop adjustment
1) Loosen the gauge cover [21] with hand.
2) Loosen the nut [18] from the stopper [20] with spanner wrench.
3) Loosen the stopper [20].
4) Operate the hand wheel to tighten gradually until the leakage of
fluid stops.
5) Tighten the stopper [20] until it stop, and then turn it back
(counter-clockwise) 180°.
6) Tighten the nut [18] to the stopper [20] with spanner wrench.
7) Tighten the gauge cover [21].
Necessary items
Tightening torque of the screw
Unit : Nm {kgfcm} [lbinch]
Nom. Size 125mm (5”), 150mm(6”)
Torque valve 10.0 {102} [89]
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