Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Diaphragm Valves Type 15 11
(11) Diaphragm replacement procedure
- If you do work with the piping installed, drain the piping of all its fluid. Some fluid will remain in the
valve. Therefore wear protective goggles and protective gloves. (You may otherwise get injured.)
Torque wrench Spanner wrench
Protective gloves Safety goggles
1) Drain fluid completely from the pipeline.
2) Remove valve bonnet from the body.
3) Turn handle of valve clockwise until it stops. (Do not force it).
The compressor should be fully extended out of the bonnet.
4) Turn the diaphragm clockwise to remove the diaphragm and mount the new diaphragm by reversing step.
5) Mount the bonnet to the valve by reversing step 2. Tighten bonnet bolts by hand only.
6) Rotate the handle 360°counter-clockwise.
7) Using a torque wrench, tighten the bonnet bolts in a diagonal, cross-cross pattern.
Bonnet torque value Unit : Nm {kgfcm} [lbinch]
Nom. Size 125mm (5”)150mm (6”)
Rubber 45 {459} [400]
PTFE 45 {459} [400]
8) Re-adjust the stopper if necessary.
Necessary items
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