Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Diaphragm Valves Type 15 8
- The parallelism and axial misalignment of the flange surface should be under the values in the
shown following table to prevent damage the valve.
(A failure to observe them can cause destruction due to stress application to the pipe)
Unit : mm (inch)
Nom. Size Axial
(5”, 6“) 1.0 (0.04) 1.0 (0.04)
3) Using a torque wrench, tighten the bolts and nuts gradually to the specified torque in a diagonal manner
(Refer to fig.1.)
Specified torque value Unit Nmkgfcm[lbinch]
Nom. Size 125mm (5”) 150mm (6”)
Torque value 40.0{408} [355] 40.0{408} [355]
Tighten the bolts and nuts gradually with a torque wrench to the specified
torque level in a diagonal manner.
(8) Connection of limit switch procedure (option)
- Shut down the power on the equipment before connecting wires. There are risks of electrical shock
depending on the level of operating voltage.
- Be sure that the terminal cover and body cover are put on during the operation.
- If you use the limit switch at 1mA-100mA or 5-30V, consult near Asahi dealer.
Screw driver (+) Connector (G1/2) Crimp-style terminal
Wire stripper Terminal crimping tool
(Axial misalignment) (Parallelism)
Necessary items
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