Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A071-E-3󲷈Compact Ball Valve Type27 Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 13-50mm (”-2”)
15. Connection of solenoid valve procedure
- Shut down the power on the equipment before connecting or disconnecting wires. (There
are risks of electrical shock depending on the level of operating voltage.)
- Check the solenoid voltage and supply voltage.
Phillips head screw driver Terminal crimping tool Wire stripper
Connector (G1/2)
1) Loosen the cover setting screw by Phillips head screw driver, and remove the cover.
- Don’t loss O-ring. (Short circuit or shocks may occur.)
2) Remove the Fasten terminal inserted into coil
side and the insulating sleeve. (Insulating
sleeve isn’t attached in Faston terminal.)
3) Draw the cable through the connector to the
4) Strip cable with a wire stripper.
5) Draw the lead wire through the cover.
6) Install the Faston terminal on the lead wire
with a terminal-crimping tool.
7) Insert the Faston terminal into the coil side,
and fit the cover. (DC power supply, there is
no polarity.)
8) Tighten the cover setting screw to fix it.
(The cover can be set with the wire extraction
opening turned upward or downward.)
9) Tighten the cable by connector.
Necessary items
Cover gasket
Cover setting screw
Faston terminal
(With insulating sleeve)
Faston terminal
(For ground)
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