Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A071-E-3󲷈Compact Ball Valve Type27 Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 13-50mm (”-2”) 22
18. Inspection items
- Perform periodic maintenance. (Leakage may develop due to temperature changes or over
periods of prolonged storage, rest or operation.)
Portion to be inspected Inspection item
- Existence of rust and corrosion on the appearance.
- Tightening condition of respective threaded portions. (Loose or not)
- Existence of abnormality in opening and closing operating sounds.
- Smooth opening and closing operation
* Even if the valve is operated less frequently, confirm that it opens and
closes smoothly at least once per 30 days.
* It is unnecessary to supply oil to this actuator.
Base plate - Mating condition of the base plate.(Loose or not)
- Existence of scratches, cracks, deformation, and discoloring.
- Existence of leakage from the valve to the outside.
- Existence of leakage when the fully closed.
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