Trough should be cleaned every two burns. This can be cleaned
using the scraper tool included.
- Allow trough to cool completely before attempting to clean.
- Place the straight edge of the scraper into the trough and pull
along the edge.
- Residue should be thrown away in the trash.
To get the trough out of the Ventless Fuel Firebox, use the scraper
tool’s hook end to open the lid of the Ventless Fuel Firebox using
Open the lid by lifting up and towards the front as shown in
Lift the trough out with the hook end of the scraper tool using
the post in the center of the trough.
Use a soft damp cloth and a standard dish soap to clean the body
of the Meridian.
Any standard glass cleaner can be used to clean the glass.
Use stainless steel cleaner or polish to clean the stainless parts.
Discoloration is normal for stainless steel that is in direct contact
with the ame.
Care and Cleaning
Figure 13
gure 12.
the small cutout towards the back as shown in gure 11.
Figure 11
Figure 12
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