Installing the glass and Ventless Fuel Firebox:
Figure 4:
Place the glass into the front of the fireplace by
sliding it down in the gap between the stainless
steel part and the painted section. There are two
clips inside that the glass will need to sit in. Make
sure that the glass is seated correctly before
Figure 5:
To secure the glass firmly in place, turn the
thumbscrew attached to the clip clockwise until
the glass is held vertically in place.
CAUTION: Do not overtighten thumbscrews.
Figure 6:
Note: Glass must be secure prior to installing the
Ventless Fuel Firebox.
Install the Ventless Fuel Firebox by placing it into the
open area of the Meridian fireplace. When installed-
correctly the Ventless Fuel Firebox should open
towards the user.
Step Three
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 4
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