Upgrade your FireCluster to Fireware XTM v11.10
There are two methods to upgrade Fireware XTMOSon your FireCluster. The method you use depends on the
version of Fireware XTMyou currently use.
If you use an XTM 5 Series or 8 Series device, you must upgrade your FireCluster to Fireware
XTM v11.7.4 or v11.7.5 before you can upgrade your FireCluster to Fireware XTM v11.9.x or
We recommend that you use Policy Manager to upgrade, downgrade, or restore a backup
image to a FireCluster. It is possible to do some of these operations from the Web UI but, if you
choose to do so, you must follow the instructions in the Help carefully as the Web UIis not
optimized for these tasks. It is not possible to upgrade your FireCluster from v11.8.x to v11.9.x
or higher with the Web UI.
Upgrade a FireCluster from Fireware XTMv11.4.x–v11.9.x to v11.10.x
Use these steps to upgrade a FireCluster to Fireware XTMv11.10.x:
1. Open the cluster configuration file in Policy Manager
2. Select File >Upgrade.
3. Type the configuration passphrase.
4. Type or select the location of the upgrade file.
5. To create a backup image, select Yes.
A list of the cluster members appears.
6. Select the check box for each device you want to upgrade.
A message appears when the upgrade for each device is complete.
When the upgrade is complete, each cluster member reboots and rejoins the cluster. If you upgrade both
devices in the cluster at the same time, the devices are upgraded one at a time. This is to make sure there is
not an interruption in network access at the time of the upgrade.
Policy Manager upgrades the backup member first and then waits for it to reboot and rejoin the cluster as a
backup. Then Policy Manager upgrades the master. Note that the master’s role will not change until it reboots
to complete the upgrade process. At that time the backup takes over as the master.
To perform the upgrade from a remote location, make sure the FireCluster interface for management IP address
is configured on the external interface, and that the management IP addresses are public and routable. For
more information, see About the Interface for Management IPAddress.
Upgrade a FireCluster from Fireware XTMv11.3.x
To upgrade a FireCluster from Fireware XTMv11.3.x to Fireware XTMv11.9.x or higher, you must perform a
manual upgrade. For manual upgrade steps, see the Knowledge Base article Upgrade Fireware XTMOSfor a
Upgrade your FireCluster to Fireware XTM v11.10
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