Gateway Wireless Controller. [81793]
lA wireless driver crash that caused all wireless traffic to fail has been resolved. [82769]
Logging, Reporting, and Monitoring
lYou can now send log messages to two WatchGuard or Dimension Log Servers. [81208]
lFireWatch now supports full-screen mode. [83474]
Other Enhancements
lIf you use RapidDeploy, you can now use the rapid_ip.csv file on a USB drive to change the external
interface to an interface other than eth0 on an appliance started with factory-default settings. [78178]
lAfter you enable the appliance to use NTP to synchronize the system time, you can enable the device
as an NTP server. A policy called NTP Server is automatically created to allow connections to the NTP
server from clients on the trusted and optional networks. [79739]
lThe WatchGuard System Manager Help and Fireware XTM Web UIHelp have been merged into a new
Fireware Help system, available online or as a downloadable zip file only.
Known Issues and Limitations
Known issues for Fireware v11.9.x and its management applications, including workarounds where available,
can be found in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. Known Issues for this Beta release are included as Beta
Notes in the Introduction section of these Release Notes.
Note that you must log in to the WatchGuard Portal to see Known Issues. Known Issues are not available in the
public version of the Knowledge Base. We recommend that you use the filters available on the WatchGuard
Portal > Knowledge Base tab to find Known Issues for this release.
Using the CLI
The Fireware XTM CLI (Command Line Interface) is fully supported for v11.x releases, but not yet updated for
v11.10. For information on how to start and use the CLI, see the CLI Command Reference Guide. You can
download the latest CLI guide from the documentation web site at
Known Issues and Limitations
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