Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
- 97 -
If the above configuration takes effect, configure to the Router by typing
(the Router’s LAN IP address: Web Management Port) in the address field of the Web
3) Log in to the Router, click the “Forwarding” menu on the left of your browser, and click
the "Virtual Servers" submenu. On the "Virtual Servers" page, click Add New, then
on the Add or Modify a Virtual Server page, enter “80” into the blank next to the
Service Port”, and your IP address next to the IP Address, assuming
for an example, remember to Enable and Save.
Figure A-9 Virtual Servers
Figure A-10 Add or Modify a Virtual server Entry
5. The wireless stations cannot connect to the Router.
1) Make sure the "Enable Wireless Router Radio" is checked.
2) Make sure that the wireless stations' SSID accord with the Router's SSID.
3) Make sure the wireless stations have right KEY for encryption when the Router is
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