Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Network 4.5
Figure 4-5 the Network menu
There are three submenus under the Network menu (shown in Figure 4-5): LAN, WAN and MAC
Clone. Click any of them, and you will be able to configure the corresponding function.
4.5.1 LAN
Choose menu Network LAN, you can configure the IP parameters of the LAN on the screen
as below.
Figure 4-6 LAN
MAC Address - The physical address of the Router, as seen from the LAN. The value can't
be changed.
IP Address - Enter the IP address of your Router or reset it in dotted-decimal notation
(factory default:
Subnet Mask - An address code that determines the size of the network. Normally use as the subnet mask.
1. If you change the IP Address of LAN, you must use the new IP Address to log in the Router.
2. If the new LAN IP Address you set is not in the same subnet, the IP Address pool of the DHCP
server will change accordingly at the same timewhile the Virtual Server and DMZ Host will
not take effect until they are re-configured.
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