Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Figure 4-22 Wireless MAC Filtering
To filter wireless users by MAC Address, click Enable. The default setting is Disable.
MAC Address - The wireless station's MAC address that you want to filter.
Status - The status of this entry, either Enabled or Disabled.
Description - A simple description of the wireless station.
To Add a Wireless MAC Address filtering entry, click the Add New… button. The "Add or Modify
Wireless MAC Address Filtering entry" page will appear, shown in Figure 4-23:
Figure 4-23 Add or Modify Wireless MAC Address Filtering entry
To add or modify a MAC Address Filtering entry, follow these instructions:
1. Enter the appropriate MAC Address into the MAC Address field. The format of the MAC
Address is XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX (X is any hexadecimal digit). For example:
2. Give a simple description for the wireless station in the Description field. For example:
Wireless station A.
3. Select Enabled or Disabled for this entry on the Status pull-down list.
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