Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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4. Click the Save button to save this entry.
To modify or delete an existing entry:
1. Click the Modify in the entry you want to modify. If you want to delete the entry, click the
2. Modify the information.
3. Click the Save button.
Click the Enable All button to make all entries enabled.
Click the Disabled All button to make all entries disabled.
Click the Delete All button to delete all entries.
Click the Next button to go to the next page.
Click the Previous button to return to the previous page.
For example: If you desire that the wireless station A with MAC address 00-0A-EB-B0-00-0B and
the wireless station B with MAC address 00-0A-EB-00-07-5F are able to access the Router, but all
the other wireless stations cannot access the Router, you can configure the Wireless MAC
Address Filtering list by following these steps:
1. Click the Enable button to enable this function.
2. Select the radio button Deny the stations not specified by any enabled entries in the list to
access for Filtering Rules.
3. Delete all or disable all entries if there are any entries already.
4. Click the
Add New...
1) Enter the MAC address
in the MAC Address field.
2) Enter wireless station A/B in the Description field.
3) Select Enabled in the Status pull-down list.
4) Click the Save button.
5) Click the Back button.
The filtering rules that configured should be similar to the following list:
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