Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Enable WMM - WMM function can guarantee the packets with high-priority messages being
transmitted preferentially. It is strongly recommended.
Enable Short GI - This function is recommended for it will increase the data capacity by
reducing the guard interval time.
Enabled AP Isolation - This function can isolate wireless stations on your network from
each other. Wireless devices will be able to communicate with the Router but not with each
other. To use this function, check this box. AP Isolation is disabled by default.
If you are not familiar with the setting items in this page, it's strongly recommended to keep
the provided default values; otherwise it may result in lower wireless network performance.
4.6.5 Wireless Statistics
Choose menu Wireless Wireless Statistics, you can see the MAC Address, Current Status,
Received Packets and Sent Packets for each connected wireless station.
Figure 4-25 Wireless Statistics
MAC Address - The connected wireless station's MAC address
Current Status - The connected wireless station's running status, one of STA-AUTH /
Received Packets - Packets received by the station
Sent Packets - Packets sent by the station
You cannot change any of the values on this page. To update this page and to show the current
connected wireless stations, click on the Refresh button.
If the numbers of connected wireless stations go beyond one page, click the Next button to go to
the next page and click the Previous button to return the previous page.
This page will be refreshed automatically every 5 seconds.
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