Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Address Lease Time - The Address Lease Time is the amount of time a network user will
be allowed connection to the Router with their current dynamic IP Address. Enter the amount
of time in minutes and the user will be "leased" this dynamic IP Address. After the time is up,
the user will be automatically assigned a new dynamic IP address. The range of the time is 1
~ 2880 minutes. The default value is 120 minutes.
Default Gateway - (Optional.) It is suggested to input the IP address of the LAN port of the
Router. The default value is
Default Domain - (Optional.) Input the domain name of your network.
Primary DNS - (Optional.) Input the DNS IP address provided by your ISP or consult your
Secondary DNS - (Optional.) Input the IP address of another DNS server if your ISP
provides two DNS servers.
To use the DHCP server function of the Router, you must configure all computers on the LAN as
"Obtain an IP Address automatically".
4.7.2 DHCP Clients List
Choose menu DHCP DHCP Clients List, you can view the information about the clients
attached to the Router in the screen as shown in Figure 4-28.
Figure 4-28 DHCP Clients List
Client Name - The name of the DHCP client
MAC Address - The MAC address of the DHCP client.
Assigned IP - The IP address that the Router has allocated to the DHCP client.
Lease Time - The time of the DHCP client leased. After the dynamic IP address has expired,
a new dynamic IP address will be automatically assigned to the user.
You cannot change any of the values on this page. To update this page and to show the current
attached devices, click the Refresh button.
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