Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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4.7.3 Address Reservation
Choose menu DHCP Address Reservation, you can view and add a reserved address for
clients via the next screen (shown in Figure 4-29).When you specify a reserved IP address for a
PC on the LAN, that PC will always receive the same IP address each time when it accesses the
DHCP server. Reserved IP addresses should be assigned to the servers that require permanent IP
Figure 4-29 Address Reservation
MAC Address - The MAC address of the PC for which you want to reserve an IP address.
Reserved IP Address - The IP address reserved for the PC by the Router.
Status - The status of this entry, either Enabled or Disabled.
To Reserve an IP address:
1. Click the Add New button. Then Figure 4-30 will pop-up.
2. Enter the MAC address (in XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX format.) and IP address (in dotted-decimal
notation) of the computer for which you want to reserve an IP address.
3. Click the Save button.
Figure 4-30 Add or Modify an Address Reservation Entry
To modify or delete an existing entry:
1. Click the Modify in the entry you want to modify. If you want to delete the entry, click the
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