Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
- 51 -
Service Port - The numbers of External Ports. You can type a service port or a range of
service ports (in XXX YYY format, XXX is the start port number, YYY is the end port
IP Address - The IP Address of the PC providing the service application.
Protocol - The protocol used for this application, either TCP, UDP, or All (all protocols
supported by the Router).
Status - The status of this entry, either Enabled or Disabled.
To setup a virtual server entry:
1. Click the Add New button, the next screen will pop-up as shown in Figure 4-33.
2. Select the service port you want to use from the Common Service Port list. If the Common
Service Port list does not have the service that you want to use, type the service port
number or service port range in the Service Port box.
3. Type the IP Address of the computer in the IP Address box.
4. Select the protocol used for this application, either TCP, UDP, or All.
5. Select the Enable to enable the virtual server.
6. Click the Save button.
Figure 4-33 Add or Modify a Virtual Server Entry
If your computer or server has more than one type of available service, please select another
service, and enter the same IP Address for that computer or server.
To modify or delete an existing entry:
1. Click the Modify in the entry you want to modify. If you want to delete the entry, click the
2. Modify the information.
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