Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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3. Click the Save button.
Click the Enable/Disabled All button to make all entries enabled/disabled.
Click the Delete All button to delete all entries.
Click the Next button to go to the next page and click the Previous button to return the previous
If you set the service port of the virtual server as 80, you must set the Web management port on
Security Remote Management page to be any other value except 80 such as 8080.
Otherwise there will be a conflict to disable the virtual server.
4.8.2 Port Triggering
Choose menu Forwarding Port Triggering, you can view and add port triggering in the
screen as shown in Figure 4-34. Some applications require multiple connections, like Internet
games, video conferencing, Internet calling and so on. These applications cannot work with a pure
NAT Router. Port Triggering is used for some of these applications that can work with an NAT
Figure 4-34 Port Triggering
Once the Router is configured, the operation is as follows:
1. A local host makes an outgoing connection using a destination port number defined in the
Trigger Port field.
2. The Router records this connection, opens the incoming port or ports associated with this
entry in the Port Triggering table, and associates them with the local host.
3. When necessary the external host will be able to connect to the local host using one of the
ports defined in the Incoming Ports field.
Trigger Port - The port for outgoing traffic. An outgoing connection using this port will trigger
this rule.
Trigger Protocol - The protocol used for Trigger Ports, either TCP, UDP, or All (all protocols
supported by the Router).
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