Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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3. Click the Save button.
Click the Enable All button to make all entries enabled.
Click the Disabled All button to make all entries disabled.
Click the Delete All button to delete all entries.
1. When the trigger connection is released, the corresponding opening ports will be closed.
2. Each rule is allowed to be used only by one host on LAN synchronously. The trigger
connection of other hosts on LAN will be refused.
3. Incoming Port Range cannot overlap each other.
4.8.3 DMZ
Choose menu Forwarding DMZ, you can view and configure DMZ host in the screen as
shown in Figure 4-36. The DMZ host feature allows one local host to be exposed to the Internet for
a special-purpose service such as Internet gaming or videoconferencing. DMZ host forwards all
the ports at the same time. Any PC whose port is being forwarded must have its DHCP client
function disabled and should have a new static IP Address assigned to it because its IP Address
may be changed when using the DHCP function.
Figure 4-36 DMZ
To assign a computer or server to be a DMZ server:
1. Check the Enable radio button.
2. Enter the IP Address of a local host in the DMZ Host IP Address field.
3. Click the Save button.
After you set the DMZ host, the firewall related to the host will not work.
4.8.4 UPnP
Choose menu Forwarding UPnP, you can view the information about UPnP (Universal Plug
and Play) in the screen as shown in Figure 4-37. The UPnP feature allows the devices, such as
Internet computers, to access the local host resources or devices as needed. UPnP devices can
be automatically discovered by the UPnP service application on the LAN.
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