Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Figure 4-41 Local Management
By default, the radio button All the PCs on the LAN are allowed to access the Router's
Web-Based Utility is checked. If you want to allow PCs with specific MAC Addresses to access
the Setup page of the Router's Web-Based Utility locally from inside the network, check the radio
button Only the PCs listed can browse the built-in web pages to perform Administrator
tasks, and then enter each MAC Address in a separate field. The format for the MAC Address is
XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX (X is any hexadecimal digit). Only the PCs with MAC address listed can use
the password to browse the built-in web pages to perform Administrator tasks while all the others
will be blocked.
After click the Add button, your PC's MAC Address will be placed in the list above.
Click the Save button to save your settings.
If your PC is blocked but you want to access the Router again, press and hold the WPS button for
more than 5 seconds to reset the Router to factory defaults.
4.9.4 Remote Management
Choose menu Security Remote Management, you can configure the Remote Management
function in the screen as shown in Figure 4-42. This feature allows you to manage your Router
from a remote location via the Internet.
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