Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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3. Click Access Control Schedule in the left to enter the Schedule Settings page.
Add a new entry with the Schedule Description is Schedule_1, Day is Sat and Sun, Start
Time is 1800 and Stop Time is 2000.
4. Click Access Control Rule in the left to return to the Access Control Rule
Management page. Select Enable Internet Access Control and choose "Deny the
packets not specified by any access control policy to pass through the Router".
5. Click Add New... button to add a new rule as follows:
In Rule Name field, create a name for the rule. Note that this name should be
unique, for example Rule_1.
In Host field, select Host_1.
In Target field, select Target_1.
In Schedule field, select Schedule_1.
In Action field, select Allow.
In Status field, select Enable.
Click Save to complete the settings.
Then you will go back to the Access Control Rule Management page and see the following list.
4.11.2 Host
Choose menu Access Control Host, you can view and set a Host list in the screen as
shown in Figure 4-49. The host list is necessary for the Access Control Rule.
Figure 4-49 Host Settings
Host Description - Here displays the description of the host and this description is unique.
Information - Here displays the information about the host. It can be IP or MAC.
Modify - To modify or delete an existing entry.
To add a new entry, please follow the steps below.
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