Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Static Routing 4.12
Choose menu Static Routing, and you can configure the static route in the next screen, shown
in Figure 4-57. A static route is a pre-determined path that network information must travel to
reach a specific host or network.
Figure 4-57 Static Routing
To add static routing entries, follow the steps below.
1. Click Add New shown in Figure 4-57, you will see the following screen Figure 4-58.
Figure 4-58 Add or Modify a Static Route Entry
2. Enter the following data.
Destination IP Address - The Destination IP Address is the address of the network or
host that you want to assign to a static route.
Subnet Mask - The Subnet Mask determines which portion of an IP Address is the
network portion, and which portion is the host portion.
Gateway - This is the IP Address of the gateway device that allows for contact between
the Router and the network or host.
3. Select Enabled or Disabled for this entry on the Status drop-down list.
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