Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Configure - Load or delete an item.
Load - Load the item to the IP & MAC Binding list.
Delete - Delete the item.
Click the Bind All button to bind all the current items, available after enable.
Click the Load All button to load all items to the IP & MAC Binding list.
Click the Refresh button to refresh all items.
An item could not be loaded to the IP & MAC Binding list if the IP address of the item has been
loaded before. Error warning will prompt as well. Likewise, "Load All" only loads the items without
interference to the IP & MAC Binding list.
Dynamic DNS 4.15
Choose menu Dynamic DNS, you can configure the Dynamic DNS function.
The Router offers the DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) feature, which allows the hosting of
a website, FTP server, or e-mail server with a fixed domain name (named by yourself) and a
dynamic IP address, and then your friends can connect to your server by entering your domain
name no matter what your IP address is. Before using this feature, you need to sign up for DDNS
service providers such as www.dyndns.org, or www.no-ip.com. The Dynamic DNS client service
provider will give you a password or key.
4.15.1 Dyndns.org DDNS
If the dynamic DNS Service Provider your select is www.dyndns.org, the page will appear as
shown in Figure 4-68.
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