Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
- 82 -
NTP Server Prior - Enter the address for the NTP Server, then the Router will get the time
from the NTP Server preferentially. In addition, for some built-in common NTP Servers, the
Router can get time automatically once it connects the Internet.
To configure the system manually:
1. Select your local time zone.
2. Enter date and time in the right blanks.
3. Click Save to save the configuration.
To configure the system automatically:
1. Select your local time zone.
2. Enter the IP address for NTP Server Prior.
3. Click the Get GMT button to get system time from Internet if you have connected to the
1. This setting will be used for some time-based functions such as firewall. You must specify your
time zone once you log in to the Router successfully, otherwise, these functions will not take
2. The time will be lost if the Router is turned off.
3. The Router will obtain GMT automatically from Internet if it has already connected to Internet.
4.16.2 Diagnostic
Choose menu System Tools Diagnostic, you can transact Ping or Traceroute function to
check connectivity of your network in the following screen.
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