Wireless Router RNX-N150RT User Manual
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Ping Timeout - Set the waiting time for the reply of each Ping packet. If there is no reply in
the specified time, the connection is overtime.
Traceroute Max TM - The max number of hops for a Traceroute connection.
Click Start to check the connectivity of the Internet.
The Diagnostic Results page displays the result of diagnosis.
If the result is similar to the following screen, the connectivity of the Internet is fine.
Figure 4-73 Diagnostic Results
Only one user can use this tool at one time. Options Number of Pings, Ping Size and Ping
Timeout are used for Ping function. Option Tracert Hops are used for Tracert function.
4.16.3 Firmware Upgrade
Choose menu System Tools Firmware Upgrade, you can update the latest version of
firmware for the Router on the following screen.
Figure 4-74 Firmware Upgrade
Firmware Version - This displays the current firmware version.
Hardware Version - This displays the current hardware version. The hardware version of the
upgrade file must accord with the Routers current hardware version.
To upgrade the Router's firmware, follow these instructions below:
1. Download a more recent firmware upgrade file from our website.
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